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I am excited to see so many self-less individuals and organisations working towards donating in kind.


Aftab Hasan


Risk Exchange Int’l Holdings Pte Ltd, Singapore

Your website is an inspiration to many people who wish to serve the underprivileged.


John D'Silva


Abhudaya Co-Op Bank Ltd & Model Co-Op Bank Ltd.

Collecting the information and generating the content must have involved a lot of perseverance. The effort has been worth it.


Shailesh Bhatia



Most of the time we used to think that donations can be only in cash. Donating in kind can also be a game-changer!


Surendra Gupte

Executive Director, Strategy & Network Planning (Retd)

Air India

Congratulations on setting up this website which will encourage people to reuse and recycle used goods & save the environment!


Dr Jayesh Lele

Former President

Indian Medical Association (IMA)

One man's trash is another man's treasure. Let the 'haves' donate all of their used items which are in good condition to the 'have-nots'.


Carl D'Souza

SVP - Trade Operations & Remittances

IndusInd Bank

About Us

Donateinkind is a one-stop resource for donations in kind. Through this online platform we seek to popularise the concept of donating in kind. While monetary donations can be made by people with financial means, donating in kind can be done by practically everyone because item being donated is already in use with us.

Hereby we have started-off by providing information on donation seekers so that donors can straightaway contact the needy. However, in due course, we wish to move upwards on the value chain by organizing our own collection centres in major Indian cities, followed by distribution to deserving establishments.

While aspects covered above relate to physical goods, we decided to extend the reach to include human-origin components like blood, hair, mother's milk and body organs. By all means these too are donations in kind because through these donations kindness is shown to a cancer patient or a pre-term baby or an accident victim.

With this maiden venture of social entrepreneurship, our Advisors and Founder hope to give a filip to donating in kind in India. Shortly, we will launch another public-service venture which will pertain to assistance for cancer patients in India.