Put your used goods to use – By donating them

Humongous quantity of used goods which are in usable condition lie in Indian households. It is deep-rooted in our psyche that old goods should not be thrown away due to the misplaced belief that some day we may need them. That day never comes and finally the items find their way either to the local bhangarwala who will pay a pittance based on weight or to the bhandiwali who are travelling women providing utensils in exchange for used clothes.

Now look at other side of the coin. Children playing on slum streets are clad in tattered clothes. Underprivileged women dress up in the same saree days on end. Street-dwellers shiver in severe winter of northern India with no blanket to protect them.

Donating in kind is probably the easiest way to gain some karma for ourselves. This donation does not pinch our pockets. It does not involve much work. Simply refer to the appropriate page in www.donateinkind.in to look up for institutions and organisations having a need for clothes, bicycles, computers, toys, books, textbooks etc.

If the needy institution is in your city, call them up and enquire about the logistics aspect. Some of them collect from your doorstep, whereas others who do not have the means may request you to deliver the same to their end.

You call also contact organisations located elsewhere in the country, some of whom would expect you to send it as a postal parcel, whereas others would have a drop-off point in your city or a local representative who would receive the donated goods from you in your city and then forward the same to the institution.

Then there are organisations like ‘Goonj’ who take donated goods but the ultimate beneficiaries would be determined by the former.

Irrespective of the option chosen, the need of the hour is to help our poor brethren across India with our magnanimity. Jai Hind!

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