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Donate Blood

Donate Blood to Blood Banks or at Donation Camps…

Every 2 seconds someone in India requires blood and yet blood is perennially in short supply. Therefore, there cannot be a nobler activity than donating blood as a voluntary donor. Blood transfusion is a critical need for accident victims, trauma victims, premature babies, patients undergoing surgery etc. Every year India requires about 5 Crore units of blood, whereas only a meager 2.5 Crore units of blood are available.

You can walk-in into the nearest Blood Bank and donate blood as a voluntary donor. Some Blood Banks also have mobile vans which reach out to blood donors. Then there are websites and apps with whom you can register as a donor. When need arises for blood in your vicinity, you will recieve a message stating the location where you may report to donate blood,

Blood donation drives and camps are organised in all cities regularly and especially on days like 1st October (National Voluntary Blood Donor Day), 15th August (Independence Day), 26th January (Republic Day) etc. Further, you can also register as a donor on online portals who call you to donate blood when an urgent need arises in your area. It is heartening to note that, as a result of increased awareness, it is the youth who are at the forefront in donating blood at the camps.

Information to be Noted by a Potential Blood Donor...

Any healthy adult weighing more than 50 kg can donate blood. The plasma part of the blood gets replaced in 48 hours, whereas red blood cells are fully replenished in 6 to 8 weeks. Hence it is a misconception that blood donation leads to weakness. However, once a person donates blood, he or she cannot do it again for the next 3 months.

You must abstain from alcohol and smoking for 48 hours before donating. You should not have suffered from any transmittable diseases in the recent past.  You should not be taking any medication presently and must not have had surgery in the last 6 months. You need to be free from medical conditions like hypertension, cardiac problems, venereal diseases, AIDS etc.

The blood donation may be done at any hospital, clinic or at an outdoor blood donation camp. To begin with, you will be asked about your medical history following which vital parameters like blood pressure, hemoglobin, temperature etc will be measured.

You will be made to lie down, the area of the arm will be cleansed and a disposable needle will be inserted to draw the blood. The blood collects in a bag and after about 1 pint of blood is collected in about 10 minutes, the process is over. The area of the arm is bandaged and after relaxing for 15 minutes you are free to leave.


Mayanjali Charitable Blood Bank  

14/113 Padam Tower, Green Park Road, Civil Lines, Stock Exchange Building, Kanpur 208001

77069 74733


Blood Bank at Ramakrishna Mission Seva Pratishthan

99, Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata 700026

033-2475 3636 to 3639


Sant Nirankari Blood Bank

3rd Floor, Sant Nirankari Satsang Bhawan, Western Express Highway, Hanuman Road, Vile Parle (East), Mumbai 400057

022-2619 5539, 99699 83340


Sir JJ Mahangar Raktapedhi

Ground Floor, S D Petit Building, Gate No. 11, J J Road, Byculla, Mumbai 400027

022-2373 5585, 2373 3531


Think Foundation

If you are an organisation that wishes to hold a blood donation camp and need help with logistics, contact Think Foundation.

022- 6518 1341, 6518 1343

Web Page


'Mblood' App

On this app you can register as a blood donor. Persons needing blood send a request for requirement of a specific blood group, at a specific time and in a specific hospital. On receiving the request, all donors registered with the app and based on the location receive a notification of the requirement. Interested donors will post a reply on the app. You can also approach them to hold blood donation camp in your office or neighbourhood.

Link to upload app on Android phone


Jankalyan Blood Bank

1003, Shukrawar Peth, Near Swargate Bus Stand, Sarasbag Road, Pune 411002

020-2444 9527, 2444 4502


Life Blood Centre (formerly known as Rajkot Voluntary Blood Bank & Research Centre)

Smt. Sushilaben Ramniklal Mehta Bhavan, 24 Vijay Plot, Malaviya Road, Rajkot 360002

0281-223 4242 / 43, 8511 22112


Surat Raktadan Kendra & Research Centre

Udhana-Khatodara Health Center, Near Chosath Joganio Matanu Mandir, Udhana - Magdalla Road, Surat 395002

0261-393 7700


Maharashtra State Blood Transfusion Council

Through this website, you can find blood donors for a specific blood group in Maharashtra as well as find nearest blood bank in Maharashtra. You can also register to become a blood donor.

020-4120 9666



Register to donate blood. To receive details of blood donors in your location, enter your State, City, Area, Blood Group details in 'Find a Donor' on website's homepage.


Blood Bank India

Search can be activated by entering city and blood group. Persons wishing to be donors are requested to register on the website.


Blood Donors

Current blood requirements of patients are listed on the homepage. In addition, donors can register and needy users can search for donors.



The website has 3 main features: Register as blood donor, Search blood donor (on the basis of city & blood group), Post your blood request.


Bravo Blood Donor

On entering Pincode and blood group, donors can be searched. Blood donors are invited to register.

01733-261 621


e-Rakt Kosh

Launched by Govt of India. Find out the nearest blood bank and donate blood with them. You can also keep track of blood donations made by you. Access the site on web or download app for mobile.

0120-306 3320


Register to donate blood.

79619 07766



Download/install the app, register as a voluntary blood donor and start exploring features of app to donate blood and save life. You can also search for blood donor by blood group.

97791 35856


National Blood Transfusion Council (NBTC)

NBTC's Android app 'NHP Service' provides information on hospitals and blood banks located in your vicinity. Select the blood bank you want to visit and donate blood.

Link to download the Android app



What Can You Do?

  • Wish to donate blood regularly as a volunteer donor? Contact the nearest blood bank or one of the organisations listed above.

  • Keen to ensure that more people donate blood? Persuade your friends, relatives and co-workers to become regular blood donors.

  • Aware of an accident victim requiring blood urgently? Post the message on twitter with hashtags stated above.

  • Know of a patient needing blood for use during surgery? Through websites listed above, find out contact details of nearest blood donor.

  • Want to act as a volunteer at a blood donation camp? Await blood donation camp news in media or get in touch with one of the organisations listed.

  • Know about individuals or organisations who organise blood donation camps? Inform us so that they can be listed on this page.

  • Have queries, assistance requests or feedback on this subject? Your response sent by email or through 'Submit Feedback' form above, will be posted here.

  • Desire to popularize this blood donation movement? Share this page with your friends and ‘like’ our Facebook page.