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Donate New and Used Textbooks

Donated textbooks are a boon to students…

Donation of used textbooks intended for schools, colleges and professional institutes are of great benefit to students with limited means. If the mission to spread education among all has to succeed, academic books should be available for free to those who lack resources to buy.

Among all categories, the need is most acute for used school textbooks because of sheer number of poor students involved, numbering in lakhs if not crores. Students pursuing medical, engineering and technical courses too face the problem of expensive textbooks.

How do you go about donating used textbooks?

A donor whose child is in primary school can donate books every year to an underprivileged student who studies in a class one year behind. This can go on every year until the end of high school. Same holds true for engineering and medical students who can donate textbooks to students pursuing the same course with one year’s lag.

Alternatively, textbooks can be donated to the organisations listed below who will in turn ensure that the textbooks will reach the most deserving students.

All India

'Mission Million Books for Schools & Colleges' by Alibaba Group and Ratna Nidhi Trust

This mission seeks to provide quality books to students from underserved section of society. The goal is to distribute 1 million textbooks across 10,000 Indian schools and colleges by 2020. books needed are for primary section to senior classes, covering subjects of Mathematics, Science, English, Computer Science etc. Free collection from doorstep if books weigh a minimum of 5 kgs.

74989 89292, Ratna Nidhi Trust: 022-2389 8930

All India


Books to be donated: Competitive Exams, School & Children Books and University Books. After donor registers, MyPustak picks up books through courier. They are then listed on website and book requester selects needed books from the list. MyPustak sends requested books by courier and a nominal shipping charge of Rs 60 is payable by book requester.

90070 22851, 78081 81091


Bags, Books and Blessings

Used school textbooks received as donation are distributed to less privileged school children in Bangalore. In addition, other school requisites are also collected.

Nikhiya Shamsher


Sitaram Jindal Foundation

You may donate textbooks required by Arts, Science & Commerce streams in colleges as well as technical books required in polytechnics.

Jindal Nagar, Tumkur Road, Bangalore 560073

Web Page

Bangalore & Other Cities

Book donors submit names of books which are published on site. Students needing books can look at the list of books available for donation & contact the donor directly. Books for primary school, high school books of State Boards, CBSE & ICSE as well as Science, Engineering, Medical, Business Administration and Competitive Exams.

87928 20447


Civil Service India

If you were an aspirant who has appeared for Civil Service exams and are possessing the relevant books, please donate the same to the needy aspirants who cannot afford to buy the expensive books. The contact details of the needy candidates are on the link below.

Concern Infotech Pvt. Ltd., 1/45-1A, 1st floor, Butt Road, St. Thomas Mount, Chennai 600016

96000 32187, 044-4350 4824

Chennai      Dehradun      Delh      Kanpur      Mumbai      Pondicherry      Roorkee

Avanti Fellows

This organisation has been set up by IIT graduates in order to provide affordable, high-quality education to disadvantaged students aspiring to study at India’s top college. You can donate medical & engineering books in subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics. On sending a message through the website books will be collected from you by a student.

D9, 3rd Floor, Gemini Parsn Floor, Kodambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai 600062

Avanti Fellows


Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust

They have been organising free educational book exhibitions for the last 12 years. Over 1,75,000 books have been distributed to over 2,000 schools. Such exhibitions carry books donated by volunteers and general public. To donate educational books, the trust can be contacted and a pick-up can be arranged.

5th Floor Vasant Vilas, 31, DD Sathye Marg, Mumbai 400004

022-2389 8930, 2387 8930



What Can You Do?

  • Are you a student pursuing school, college or a professional course? As you move to the higher class, donate your previous-year textbooks to underprivileged younger students.

  • There is no textbook donation group in your neighbourhood? Organise one on your own or jointly with others who are similarly inclined.

  • Wish to be associated with one of the organisations listed below? Get in touch with them directly or inform us.

  • Know someone already collecting book donations in your city, but not listed here? Inform us so that they can be included in the list above.

  • Have queries or need further information on donating used books? Fill up the ‘Submit Feedback’ form above.

  • Desire to popularize this movement so that many more can benefit? Share this page with your friends and ‘like’ our Facebook page.


Queries & Requests

Jayashree     9663374056

Hello, I have software related books to donate. Was wondering if you have a collection center/agent in Bangalore where I can arrange for a drop/pickup of the books.