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Donate Sanitary Pads and Napkins

Sanitary napkins are unaffordable for the underprivileged...

Vast majority of girls and women from underprivileged families, particularly in rural areas, do not have access to hygienic products for use during menstruation. They rely on cloth, hay, sand, ash and other such alternatives. Unfortunately, such usage can lead to infection. Ideally, disposable sanitary napkins would be the best solution but for the unaffordable cost.

Donate sanitary napkins for the needy in rural India...

Organisations based in cities obtain donation of sanitary napkins which in turn are sent to the needy in villages and small towns. However, the users would need to recieve such supplies regularly and the donors are striving to ensure regularity.

Another option is to set up small-scale cottage industries in rural areas to produce low-cost sanitary pads. A machine which has been indigenously developed for this purpose is in operation in some parts of India. The unit can be run by a small team of women after some basic training. Such machine have been procured by rural self-help groups or were donated by well-wishers.

Major Cities Across India

‘Not Just a Piece of Cloth’ initiative by Goonj

Cotton cloth donated to them will be converted into cotton pads, called ‘MY PADS’. These are given free of cost to the needy women in villages.

Main office: 011-2697 2351, 4140 1216
Click on the link below for city-wise phone nos

Dropping Centres of Goonj


Period of Sharing by 'Muse'

'Muse' sends sanitary napkins to 500 poor tribal girls of Nareshwadi village in Palghar district of Maharashtra. Please sign up for this programme and thereafter, you need to donate 1 sanitary napkins packet every month.

Nishant Bangera

98335 00987, 98337 50562, 98193 65617

Facebook Page


Sanitary Pad Bank by TEE Foundation

Sanitary pads donated to this Pad Bank are forwarded to needy girls and women as well as to tribal girls in Zilla Parishad schools of Maharashtra.

New MHADA Colony, Near Lokhandwala Circle, Andheri (W), Mumbai 400053.

8199 85042, 90290 37007, 96196 92723



What Can You Do?

  • Wish to donate sanitary pads to underprivileged women? Get in touch with one of the listed organisations and donate pads to them regularly.

  • Came across underprivileged women who cannot afford sanitary pads? Bring it to the attention of the listed organisations or to us.

  • Interested in promoting sanitary napkins donation? Set up a group in your city that persuades people to donate pads to NGOs.

  • Wish to volunteer or associate with one of the groups listed above? Get in touch with them directly or inform us.

  • Know someone already undertaking this activity in your city? Inform us so that they can be listed on this page.
  • Can you donate a pad making machine to a rural women’s self-help group? If agreeable, please get in touch with us.
  • Desire to popularize the sanitary napkins donation movement? Share this page with your friends and ‘like’ our Facebook page.