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Bicycle Donation

Donate new or used bicycle to charity…

For the children and adults from well-to-do families based in cities, a bicycle is meant for recreational rides or for rides to develop physical fitness. But for the underprivileged, a cycle is a very useful means of transport since it requires very little maintenance and there are no running costs.

Used bicycles are often seen dumped in housing society premises because they have broken down or appear old and therefore are not considered stylish. Children discard an old bicycle when a newer model is given by parents.

The old bicycle donations are intended for poor girl students in villages whose schools are located at a great distance and whose parents are unable to afford the bus fare. Many girl students drop out of school for this reason.

Some NGO organizations seek donation of new bicycles only, whereas others would accept used bicycles. In either event, get in touch with the concerned NGO organization listed in ‘Whom Can You Contact?’ section below or visit bicycle donation centres. In case of old bicycles, the same will be collected from your location, repaired if non-functional and then sent to underprivileged girl students in rural India.

New bicycles are needed by others too…

Delivery-men and vendors in cities use bicycles to deliver and sell milk, vegetables, fruits etc. Even though bicycles in use are often ramshackle, buying a new one is an unaffordable proposition for them. If you wish to donate a new bicycle to one of these guys, just pay full or partial cost to the NGO organization, who will then do the needful on your behalf.

Be it a used bicycle or a new one, you as a donor will be informed as to whom it has been donated to and in fact, you can even remain in touch with the bicycle's recipient!


Freedom Pedals

Accept old bicycles in any condition as long as the frame is intact. Donors can drop at a pre-decided bicycle donation centre. The bicycles are repaired, cleaned and then handed over to underprivileged children so that they can commute from home to school.

Girish S. Kumar & Sampath Ramanujam

96630 33699


Saddles & Pedals

Donate a cycle that is not being used by you or donate a new cycle. Saddles & Pedals donates such bicycles to underprivileged children and students, through schools and learning centers. Children are also taught about properly maintaining these bicycles.

Facebook Page


‘Recycle Your Cycle’ by 21 Bikes

The company collects old and used cycles from local residents, does the necessary refurbishment and donates them to orphanages for their use.

C-21, Sahid Nagar, Near Bhawani Mall, Bhubaneswar 751007

Ajay Nanda

97767 46910, 0674-325 2949


'Gift a Cycle' by IIT for Villages (IViL)

An initiative by students of IIT Madras, who buy cycles for use in campus and dispose them off on graduation. Under this initiative, the graduating students now donate the used cycles which are then distributed to deserving poor students in the neighbouring districts of Tamil Nadu. Individuals from Chennai can also donate bicycles.

Facebook Page


Donation of Bicycles

People in Coimbatore who want to donate used bicycles need to send address and a photo of the bicycle by whatsapp to them. The bicycles are picked up and taken to Cycle Zone near Hope College where servicing is done. Thereafter the same are handed over to underprivileged children in areas like Karumbukadai, Eri Medu, Rangapuram and Variety Hall Road.

Prabhu K.

0422- 663 9911, Whatsapp: 72009 11911


Barfliss Action Group

A group formed by ex-students of Seth C D Barfiwala High School, Andheri (W). They seek donation of used bicycles in working condition or cash donation for purchase of new bicycles. These are donated to poor children from areas like Virar, Palghar and Pali, who have to walk long distances to reach their schools.

98679 99079, 98197 20934, 98207 08506, 98925 74574


Bicycle Angels

Their mission is to supply new bicycles to urban vendors who deliver goods by bicycle (milk, fruits, vegetables etc) to make a living. Purchase of a bicycle will require a donation of Rs 3000 from you, since the balance Rs 2000 will be paid by the bicycle's recipient. If interested, apply to join their Facebook Group.


Pazar Foundation

Are seeking donation of used bicycles which are in usable and working condition. The bicycles would serve as a valuable mode of travel for poor students in rural areas.

5, Saraswati Sadan, Pannalal Ghosh Marg, Near Somwar Bazar Road, Malad (West), Mumbai 400064

Prashant Pawar, Niyam Mayekar, Amol Rane

98200 32610, 98209 92181, 99698 84001


Prayas Seva Sanstha

Donate your used bicycle, which will be distributed by this NGO organization among tribal students in Dahanu, Palghar (near Mumbai) who commute around 4 km dally to attend school.

Shop No.9, Kaveri Bldg No.13, Ramnagar, Chincholi Bunder Road, Malad West, Mumbai 400064

022-2881 2499, 91675 85825, 75060 66828

Facebook Page


Seva Sahayog

On receiving your SMS or email, Seva Sahayog (a NGO organization) collects the old bicycle donation from your location in Mumbai. If need be, the bicycles are repaired and then handed over to the needy students in Karjat who live far away from school.

Send SMS “BICYCLE ” to 7738975588

Web Page


The Bicycle Project

Hemant and his team of volunteers collect old cycles from housing societies in Mumbai and repair them. The bicycles are handed over to tribal girl students who are regular in attendance and are studious but are located far away from school.

Hemant Chhabra

98201 49022


The Campus Bicycle Project

They seek donation of unused or idle bicycles which will be given to students who have to walk miles to get to school, in interior Maharashtra. If you wish to donate a used cycle, send an email to them.

Facebook Page


'Cycle Recycle' Project

They collect used cycles from housing societies in Pune, which are then repaired. Subsequently the bicycles are donated to needy and poor children, in villages in Raigad district, who otherwise used to walk 7-8 km to reach school

Sunandan Lele, Nivedita Gogte

99224 46285

Facebook Page


Freedom Ride for Girls by Mann Deshi Foundation

Mann Deshi Foundation is renowned for their work in empowering rural women and their families since 1996. You can support the foundation by donating cost of a new bicycle. This enables girls who wish to continue pursuit of higher education to be able to carry on with schooling. Mann Deshi can send you information and pictures of the specific girl you’ve helped.

Rekha Kulkarni, Vanita Shinde

1800-2122-112, 94238 68386, 86051 77711


More Welfare Trust

You are welcome to donate them towards the cost of a new bicycle. The Trust buys the bicycle and donates it to a deserving girl student in a rural area of Maharashtra.

More Petrol Pump, Shivne, Pune

99229 55533, 90110 40906, 90110 13330


Eco-Solar Bicycle (ESB) by Urban Toilers

Sponsor and donate a ESB for home delivery vendors like newspaper boys, milkmen, dabbawalas, grocery boys etc. ESB is a solar-powered bicycle requiring 5-6 hours to charge in sunlight. It runs for 3 hours on a single charge at a speed of 20 km per hour. Costing about Rs 18,000, ESB is far cheaper than a bike and much more efficient than a bicycle.

Ahaan Parekh



What Can You Do?

  • Interested in donating your child’s old bicycle? Contact one of the organisations listed above.

  • Discarded bicycles lying in your housing society? Mobilise members of your housing society for this task and then ask one of the organisations listed above to collect the same.

  • No one collects bicycle donations in your city? Consider doing so by forming a team with your friends and neighbours.

  • Wish to volunteer to help one of the organisations listed above? Get in touch with them directly or inform us.

  • Know someone already carrying out this activity in your city? Inform us so that you can be listed on this page.

  • Came across any genuinely needy delivery person who will benefit from a new bicycle? Bring it to the attention of the 'Bicycle Angels' NGO organization which is engaged in donating new bicycles.

  • Do you live in a rural area where underprivileged girl students have to walk long distances for school? Do ask one of the listed bicycle charity organisations to help them out.

  • Desire to popularize this movement? Share this page with your friends and ‘like’ our Facebook page.