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Donation of Human Organs

Why should you consider organ donation?

Organ donation of kidney, liver, eye, pancreas, lung, heart and intestine enables transplant of the same in the body of a recipient to replace a diseased organ. Skin and tissues donation is used for skin grafting and tissues transplantation respectively. However, organ transplant is possible only if blood and tissue of donor and recipient match. Many organ recipients can return to a normal lifestyle after transplantation

The list of people waiting for organs is growing all the time in India. For instance, over 1.5 Lakh people need a kidney but only about 3,000 of them receive one. Unfortunately, vast majority of persons on waiting lists die without getting a donated organ.

How do you register in order to donate organs?

Practically everyone can donate organs, except for those suffering from cancer, HIV, infection and the intravenous drug users. Those who pledge for organ donation will be issued a ‘Donor Card’. Even though family's consent is needed after death, giving a pledge makes the person's intent known to family members.  Hence it is necessary that the organ donor keeps his or her family in loop so that there is no objection from family after death. Alternately, even if there is no 'Donor Card' the family on their own can decide to donate organs.

To know more about organ donations, please get in touch with an organisation listed under 'Whom Can You Contact?' section below.

Organ donation that can be made by living persons…

Bone Marrow, Kidney (one), portion of Liver, portion of Lung and portion of Pancreas can be donated by a living person. Living person can donate only to a family member or to a person emotionally connected to the organ donor such as a relative, friend, neighbour etc.

Organs that can be donated after brain death…

This is possible only if death occurs in hospital. Kidneys (two), heart, liver, lungs, pancreas and small intestine are the main organs that can be donated after brain death. Brain death occurs when brain stem is irrepairably damaged due to trauma from accidents, falls, crush injuries; thrombotic or hemorrhagic stroke etc. There is no consciousness or breathing. By constant supply of blood and oxygen, the heart can be made to function for a maximum of 36 to 72 hours during which time organ harvesting has to take place. 

Donations that can be made after cardiac death…

This is the only possibility when a person dies at home. Eyes (Corneas), Heart Valves and Skin are the main tissues that can be donated within 4 - 6 hours after cardiac death. Cardiac death occurs when heart has stopped beating and no longer pumps blood. After cardiac death, only tissues can be donated for transplantation because tissues do not require a constant blood supply, unlike organs.

How are the donated organs allotted to patients?

Every patient requiring organ donation is put on a waiting list maintained by the registered transplant hospital that is being attended to by the patient. Each hospital has its own waiting list. At the same time, the patient gets automatically added to the national database of National Organ & Tissue Transplant Prganization (NOTTO). When an organ becomes available it is offered as per respective waiting lists within the State first and if no match is found, it is offered regionally and then nationally, until a recipient is found.

What are swap transplants and domino transplants?

When blood and tissue of donor does not match with the recipient relative, swap transplant is resorted to. Here, the donor of the first related pair gives the organ to recipient of a second related pair. The donor of the second related pair gives the organ to recipient of the first related pair. For this to happen, there has to be a match of blood and tissue among first donor and second recipient and among second donor and first recipient.

Whereas swap transplants involve 2 donor-recipient pairs, domino transplants have multiple donor-recipient pairs. The transplant is carried out in a series where the donor of one pair gives a kidney to the recipient of another pair. It continues till the last donor in the chain donates to the first recipient in the line.


Cornea Collection Centres of Indian Red Cross Society

Two cornea collection centres are functional, one at Srikakulam and the other in West Godavari District.

IRCS, A.P.State Branch, Rajbhavan, Somajiguda, Hyderabad 500041

040-2322 1749



Ganesh Corporate House, 100 ft. Hebatpur-Thaltej Road, Near Sola Bridge, Ahmedabad 380054

079-6618 9000

Register as an Organ Donor

Ahmedabad Bangalore Chennai Delhi Kochi Kolkata Mumbai Pune

DATRI Blood Stem Cell Donors Registry

This registry has over 2,80,000 stem cell donors listed. Stem cells can help save patients of leukaemia and thalassemia. However donation is only possible if a match occurs under a test called Human Leucocyte Antigen typing.

1800-300-32874, HO Chennai: 044-2254 1283, 4079 5300

All India

Transplants Foundation to Help the Poor

609, Mahalaxmi Chambers, Breach Candy, Mahalaxmi West, Cumballa Hill, Mumbai 400026

Bangalore Chandigarh Chennai Delhi-NCR Hyderabad Jaipur Mumbai Nagpur

MOHAN Foundation (Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Network Foundation)

Organ Donation Helpline: 1800-103-7100. HO Chennai: 044-2644 7000, 94446 07000

Donor Card details

Bangalore      Coimbatore      Indore      Mumbai      Nagpur      Nashik      Pune

Skin Banks and Skin Collection Centres in India

Skin donation can be made to these units established by National Burns Centre. Click on the link below to note the addresses. At the Skin Banks, skin collected from eligible deceased donors is processed, preserved and distributed.

Helpline: 022-2779 3333, WhatsApp: 88791 53026

Addresses of the Skin Banks & Skin Collection Centres

Bangalore      Pune      Chennai

Gift Your Organ Foundation

C/o Genesis, #12/25, 11th Main, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore 560011

Bangalore: 99169 21910, Pune: 98232 80055, Chennai: 98409 31025

Register as a Donor


MOTHER (Multi Organ Transplantation and Human & Educational Research)

C-38, HIG, Barmunda H.B.Colony,Bhubaneswar 751003

0674-235 5193, 92385 44827


NNOS Foundation

# 218, 2nd Floor, T.T.K. Road, Alwarpet, Chennai 600018

98840 69294, 044-2499 2149


Tanker Foundation (Tamilnadu Kidney Research Foundation)

Ellora Apartments, No. 20, 4D, 4th Floor, Thirumurthy Street, T. Nagar, Chennai 600017

044-2834 1635, 4309 0998


National Programme for Control of Blindness (NPCB)

Call the following 24-hour phone number to make eye donation pledge as well as to get details on eye donation eye donation procedure / formalities in Delhi.

1919 (MTNL network)

Web Page



4, D.L. Khan Road, Kolkata 700025

033-2419 1165, 94773 25879, 94330 31504

Pledge Form in various Indian languages


Mahatma Phule Janaarogya Yojana - formerly 'Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana' (RGJAY)

The scheme takes care of expenses to the extent of Rs 2.5 lakh towards kidney transplant and immuno-suppressive drugs for 1 year. Scheme is for below-the-poverty-line (BPL) yellow ration card holding families and above-the-poverty-line (APL) orange ration card holding families. Treatment has to be in government empanelled hospitals.

State Health Assurance Society, ESIS Hospital Compound, Ganpat Jadhav Marg, Worli Naka, Mumbai 400018



Arpan Eye Bank

Hold camps on eye donation to spread awareness and to secure eye donation pledges from participants. Over 2 lakh people in the country are dependent on cornea donation to regain sight and only 50,000 appx eye donations take place annually.

2, Poonam Bldg. 160, R. B. Mehta Marg, Ghatkopar (East), Mumbai

022-2506 7293

Facebook Page


Eye Bank Coordination and Research Centre

This nodal centre evaluates, stores and distributes the eyes received from various Eye Donation Centres in the city of Mumbai including the suburbs.

c/o K.B.H. Bachooali Hospital, 56/60, Jehangir Merwanji Street, Near KEM Hospital, Parel, Mumbai 400012. +91 022 24164342 +91 022 24162929 +91 022 24168869 KB Haji Abu Ali Eye Ear and throat hospital

022-2416 4342, 2416 2929


Marrow Donor Registry (India)

S.L Raheja/Fortis Hospital, Old Wing, 2nd Floor, Raheja Rugnalaya Marg, Mahim (W), Mumbai 400016

022-6515 2695, 92235 86076


Marrow Donor Registry (India) - MDR(I)

MDR(I) maintains computerised database of voluntary unrelated stem cell donors and facilitates blood stem cell transplants for patients with life-threatening blood diseases.

S.L. Raheja/Fortis Hospital Old Wing, 2nd Floor,Raheja Rugnalaya Marg, Mahim (W), Mumbai 400016

022-6515 2695, 92235 86076


Narmada Kidney Foundation

B/ 01, Nav Sanyukta CHS, Dr. Charat Singh Colony, A.G. Link Road, Chakala, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400093.

022-2825 4147, 2836 8634, 93222 56573


National Deceased Donor Transplantation Network (NDTN)

L.T.M.G. Hospital, Room No A/29, New College Bldg., Near Skin Bank, Sion (W), Mumbai 400022.

022-2402 8197


National Kidney Foundation (India)

FAD Centre, Next to Parsi Gymkhana, E Road, Marine Drive, Mumbai 400002

022-2281 4892, 2281 7914


RCBN Skin Bank of National Burns Centre

They need donated skin for skin grafting in burn injury treatment. Skin has to be donated within 6 hours of death. Skin is harvested from both legs, both thighs and the back.

Sector-13, Airoli, Samarth Ramdas Swami Marg, Navi-Mumbai 400708

022-2779 6660 / 61, Helpline: 022-2779 3333, WhatsApp: 88791 53026


Tissue Bank of Tata Memorial Hospital

Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai 410210

022-2740 5000

Become a Tissue Donor - web page


Zonal Transplant Coordination Centre (ZTCC)

This is a not-for-profit, government organization promotes organ donations and ensures that fair distribution of organs is done to every needy waiting recipient as per government guidelines.

L.T.M.G Hospital, 2nd Floor, New College Building, Sion (West), Mumbai 400022

022-2402 8197, 93200 63468, 91676 63469


'Eye Donation' under National Programme for Control of Blindness (NPCB)

Web Page of Eye Donation Details


'Skin Donation' initiative by Rotary International & National Burns Centre (NBC)

Access the link below and sign the form to pledge your skin donation after death. This skin bank not only meets NBC's requirement but it also caters to the whole nation.

RCBN Skin Bank, National Burns Centre, Sector-13, Airoli, Navi Mumbai 400708

022-2779 6660 / 61, Helpline: 022-2779 3333, WhatsApp: 88791 53026

Skin Donation Online Pledge Form


Apex Swap Transplant Registry (ASTRA)

If you need an organ donation but your donor's profile doesn't match with you (recipient). Register your donor-recipient pair in the registry which will try to search for a matching donor-recipient pair. If successful, go ahead with swap transplant formalities.

Web Page


Donate Organs Save Lives

If you want to register to pledge your organs, please enter your details on the Web Page below. Thereafter, you can download and print your donor card which will state your consent for your organs to be used for transplantation upon your death.

Web Page


National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO)

4th Floor, National Institute of Pathology, NIOP Building, Safdarjung Hospital Campus, New Delhi 110029

NOTTO Helpline: 1800-11-4770


Organ India (Organ Receiving & Giving Awareness Network India)

011-4183 8382, 96509 52810

Become a Donor - Web Page


Rebirth Foundation

Flat No. 3, Two way Green Apts., 1228/B-1, Off Apte Road, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune 411004.



Donate Life

75730 11101, 75730 11103

Web Page


Mohsin Eye Bank

Till date have collected over 7,000 corneas and helped to restore vision to over 4,000 corneally blind persons.

11-113/1, Hanumanthawaka Junction, Visakhapatnam 530009

0891-271 4000, 250 1149, 398 4000



What Can You Do?

  • Willing for donation of Bone Marrow, Kidney (one) and portions of liver, lung, pancreas while alive? You can do so to a needy family member or to an emotionally related person.

  • Agreeable for Kidneys, Heart, Liver, lung, Pancreas, Intestine, Skin and Tissues after death? Take the organ donation pledge, obtain donor card and inform family members.

  • Keen to ensure that more people donate organs so that stalled organ transplants can go ahead? Persuade your friends, relatives and co-workers to take the organ donation pledge.

  • Want to volunteer with an NGO organization trying to persuade people to donate organs? Contact one of the organisations listed above or send us a message.

  • Know about individuals or NGOs working in this field to popularize donating organs? Inform us so that they can be listed on this page.

  • Have queries, assistance requests or feedback on organ donation and transplant? Your response sent by email or through 'Submit Feedback' form above, will be posted here.

  • Desire to popularize the movement of donating organs to save lives? Share this page with your friends and ‘like’ our Facebook page.